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2017: Year of Open 

Karel Luyben, TU Delft Rector Magnificus, officially announced the TU Delft Year of Open during the 2017 Dies Natalis: “At TU Delft, we see it as our mission to bring science to society, through Open Research and Open Education. This year, proclaimed as the Year of Open, we will continue to involve our staff and students in a discussion on the possibilities and opportunities of Open Science.” 

How to publish for impact

During the ‘Publish for Impact’ seminar on 27 October different aspects of publishing, visibility and impact were highlighted. The importance of being open and complementary indicators and methods for measuring impact were also discussed. Read more.

Open Access: Why?

The Open Access infographic explains why Open Access matters and what the benefits are for researchers. It also shows the increase in peer reviewed Open Access articles by TU Delft researchers over time. View infographic.


Upcoming events:

  • 13 January – Dies Natalis
  • 27-31 March – Open Education Week
  • 10 years TU Delft OpenCourseWare
  • 23-27 October – Open Access Week


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